Welcome to our site

OTAP Projects is a boutique  IT consultancy.

We specialise in providing the highest caliber of individuals and skills.

Our expertise is in the following domains


- Banking

- Government projects

- International governmental agencies

- Testing

- Project Management

- Consulting

- Business Architects


We operate internationally, and currently have projects in 3 countries.

Our staff are all multilingual.  We can speak english, french, german, spanish and greek.

Project Management and PMO for SAP

We also offer project management support at the highest level of management for major implementations.

Most recently we are supporting an SAP rollout for a major renewable energy player in northern Europe.


Let us help you save you money and boost profits.  Specialists will come to your bank / Asset manager / Investment fund company/ platform and identify cost saving and revenue generation opportunities, by tweaking your existing business, processes, contracts.


[August 2012]

Otap wakes up.  New customers, new business.


Recession bites.   Business dries up

[July 2011]

OTAP Project Ltd reports profits of 18,000 Euros in a difficult trading environment.  Global recession bites profits.

[December, 2010]

OTAP signs a contract with Exigo SA for the provision of consulting services to Raiffeisen Bank.

[September, 2010]

OTAP Projects Ltd mounts its new website.

[June, 2009]

OTAP secured its first customer, providing PMO support in the field of wind energy for an SAP implementation.

[June, 2009]

OTAP Projects is founded in Cyprus on the 1 June 2009